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Title Analysing sociolinguistic variation / Sali A. Tangliamonte
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The study of how language varies in social context, and how it can be analysed and accounted for, are the two key goals of sociolinguistics. Until now, however, the actual tools and methods have been largely passed on through ‘word of mouth’ rather than being formally documented. This is the first comprehensive, ‘how-to’ guide to the formal analysis of sociolinguistic variation. It shows step-by-step how the analysis is carried out, leading the reader through every stage of a research project from start to finish. Topics covered include fieldwork, data organisation and management, analysis and interpretation, presenting research results and writing up a paper. Practical and informal, the book contains all the information needed to conduct a fully fledged sociolinguistic investigation, and includes exercises, checklists, references and
insider tips.
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